After the recession hit the homebuilding business, we decided to try something completely different. In 2009, we set up shop with Barry's brother and established Daisy Mae's Market on the east end at Findlay Market. Our mission has always been to be "more than just a tomato stand." We wanted to make it easy for people to have access to fruits and vegetables so they can eat healthy, and we wanted our business to be the starting place for connecting with the greater community. 

In 2010, we were fortunate to purchase the vacant building at 107 W. Elder Street. We used it for storage and cooler space for a few years until Barry was able to use his remodeling skills to renovate the lower level for our storefront. Since 2015, we operated inside, away from the heat of summer and the cold of winter, which allowed us to expand our inventory and strengthen our business model. 

Now we are ready to turn the next page. The last day to operate the storefront at Daisy Mae's was May 28, 2017. With bittersweet memories, we are ready to "move on up." Further renovations are under way to prepare the storefront for a new retail tenant and to "move on up" to rehab the upstairs into apartments. Be assured that we will remain a part of the Findlay Market community and we will carefully match future tenants, both commercial and residential, to blend well with the Over-the-Rhine neighborhood. 

In addition to operating our year-round store, we began a Healthy Breaks wellness program in 2010. Even though the storefront has closed, we will continue to deliver our produce to local offices so that employees can have fresh fruits and vegetables right at their workplaces. We also provide produce to local cafes and restaurants, and we will gladly coordinate bulk orders for special events. 

In 2012, Barb decided to start showing visitors all the good foods that Findlay Market has to offer. She founded Cincinnati Food Tours and continues to offer both public and private tasting tours at Findlay Market as well as in other neighborhoods. It is another way that we connect to the community and promote not only the history of the market and Over-the-Rhine, but also the exciting future that we see before us.